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Emerald Christmas tree

Each of us believed in miracles in the childhood. But when we grow up we realized, that we can create miracles by ourthelves from the simple things. The biggest miracle occurs when the problem is transforming into something better and beautifull. All of this - a key to Christmas miracle and hope.

For the manufacturing of this year Christmas tree we used green plastic bottles, because plastic is lightweight, transparent, easy to cut or connect to other materials. After two months of working, we finally made the Christmas tree, which stands 14 metres high, it is lit from the inside, creating a green glow that fills the town square. The tree is created by arranging giant orbs that decrease in size as the tree grows taller. The thousands of green bottles are placed with the nozzles facing out, and then fixed into place with the zip ties. The largest orbs, which sit on the ground, are over five feet in diameter. The main idea of this project what to show people how it is important to be different each year, show to everyone that each of us can make something beautiful from useless things. The most important thing is to save trees and nature.

Let‘s consider from what material all Christmas tree decorations are usually made? Is it not plastic? Worldwile there are a whole range of industries using harmful materials and other means of production, which not only use s lot of energy, but also other resources that are
often damaging the environment. In such a situation each work must have a reason and justification. That‘s way our Chritmas tree is very original in its decorations, the way of safe production, full of love and warmth. Also we continued the tradition to give people a possibility to leave their wishes inside the Chritmas tree as it was the last two years.

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